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About Us

We Are Lofidelic

In February 2017 I was fired from my corporate job after being with the company for 10 years. I vowed to never work for anyone ever again. Looking around in my basement, I had collected thousands of records over the years and the idea of opening up a vinyl only record shop was born. Fast forward a couple of months to Memorial Day 2017 and we had our Grand Opening.

Lofidelic Records had arrived.


Our Story

    Lofidelic Records was born out of the love for vinyl records. Back in my high school days, I decided that I wanted to be a Hip Hop DJ and would frequently skip school, jump on a bus and head to Red Back, NJ to spend my lunch money in Jacks Music buying records.


After I gave up DJing in the mid 1990s, I shifted more into being a record collector and focusing on rare pressings and imports and really digging for those hard to find records.

Over the years my brother and I would visit every record shop we could find. We traveled all of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania just go record shopping.

I had no idea that many years later all that record shopping would mould Lofidelic into what it is today.

     Ethan and I are extremely fortunate and grateful to be able do what we love for a living. Playing records, working with great employees and meeting new collectors all day every day is more than we could have ever asked for.


Thank you all!

-David and Ethan

Meet The Team

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